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In the state of Texas, the provisions of the Texas family code contain guidelines concerning child support. Under Texas law, child support is presumed to be proper if set at the following percentages:

  • 20 percent of net resources for one child;
  • 25 percent of net resources for two children;
  • 30 percent of net resources for three children;
  • 35 percent of net resources for four children;
  • 40 percent of net resources for five children;
  • Not less than 40 percent for six or more children.

The court may deviate from these guidelines under certain circumstances. A lawyer who diligently represents you can help protect your children's rights while guarding your financial well-being to the extent the law allows.

Child Support Enforcement

Sometimes people ignore their child support obligations because they are angry and feel that their financial burden is unfair. Sometimes they are simply trying to 'get' their former spouse. And sometimes, financial circumstances can change drastically due to the loss of a job or illness and the money to fulfill these obligations is simply not there.

Regardless of the reason, nonpayment of child support that is not remedied will be prosecuted and may result in jail time for the "deadbeat" parent. Child support obligations cannot be removed in a bankruptcy filing.

If you are the separated or divorced parent in arrears in child support obligations, Jane-Ashley will work with the court system to find a resolution that may not include jail time.


The law office of Jane-Ashley McMillan can also helps custodial and noncustodial parents in obtaining modifications to the terms of their child support orders.

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