Considering Your Child's Education Costs As Part Of A Divorce Settlement

Most people want to do everything they can to provide for their children, ensuring that their children have access to the best possible education. However, many noncustodial parents may not want to pay more money for education for fear of seeing that money used by the custodial parent for something else. Luckily, there are ways to satisfy all parties involved.

Attorney Jane-Ashley McMillan in Plano has been helping individuals throughout Texas deal with divorce and children's educational concerns for more than 30 years. She understands how these concerns develop and what you can do to reach creative solutions that address them. Collaborative law is an effective means of directly addressing this issue with the parents through their attorneys and the team assimilated in the collaborative meetings to help them.

Put Your Children First

Providing college education or private education for your children can be a challenge for any family, but it is especially hard for divorced parents. To do what is best for your kids, you must come up with an agreement that works for both parties because court orders do not have jurisdiction over your children after they turn 18 or graduate high school, whichever occurs last.

In your initial interview, Jane-Ashley McMillan will take time to understand the issues most important to you in your separation, including how important your children's education is to you. Once she has a better understanding of your own goals, she can help you come up with an effective strategy to achieve them.

Handling Education Concerns In Divorce

Concerns about higher education are often good cases to send to a parenting coordinator, who works with parents once the divorce is complete. Ms. McMillan has worked with many professionals in Dallas, Denton and Collin counties. She is prepared to help you find an appropriate resource with the skill and time to work out the complicated details of these issues.

These are also good cases for collaborative law because many times both parties share the same ultimate goal: providing their children with the best possible education. If you are open to compromise, this will allow you to meet your most important goals and provide for your kids.

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