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There was a time when mothers were more likely to be awarded physical custody after a divorce than fathers. Recently, however, courts have begun to recognize fathers' rights and award shared custody if both parents are suitable.

As an attorney dedicated to equality among mothers and fathers, Jane-Ashley McMillan believes in protecting the rights of any parents involved in divorce. If you are a father concerned about losing time with your children after your divorce, she will make sure you take every step necessary to ensure that your rights are protected.

The Rights Of Mothers And Fathers In Parenting Time And Child Support Cases

In addition to changes made by the courts, many fathers today are making more effort to have equal time with their children. In some cases, fathers have been the primary caretakers of their children and are therefore more likely to be granted a significant amount of time with their children.

Attorney McMillan has numerous resources at her disposal to help demonstrate to the court the important role you play in the lives of your children, from using guardians ad litem to parenting coordinators and psychologists. If custody is a major issue in your divorce, you will want all these resources at your disposal. Even if this is not financially possible, there are less expensive ways to demonstrate your motives and ability.

In today's Texas courts, judges can talk to your children personally. The children can talk to the judge about their parents, who they would like to live with and visitation issues. This may have a significant impact on both custody of the children, possession and access, and child support.

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Child custody battles are difficult for everyone involved. Just remember, the parents have the same rights in Texas courts. Grandparents who have assumed a parental role may have rights, too. An experienced family lawyer, Jane-Ashley McMillan will fight for you and your children or grandchildren. Send an email inquiry today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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