Attorney Assisting With Grandparents' Rights

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While it is very difficult to obtain custody and grandparent visitation if you are not a direct biological parent, it is not impossible. Grandparents have rights to custody of children if certain extraordinary factors exist.

From law offices in Plano, lawyer Jane-Ashley McMillan has been protecting the rights of Texas families for more than 30 years. Taking a close look at your situation, she will help you understand your rights and options. She is prepared to work with you to develop a plan that will protect the children you love to the best of her ability and as the law permits.

Do What Is Best For Your Grandchildren

The courts' first priority is always to do what is best for the children involved in a divorce or custody dispute. If you are a grandparent, many factors must be evaluated before you file suit. Even if you do not have the standing necessary to pursue custody, a family law attorney can advise you of other ways to pursue your objective: a stable lifestyle for your grandchildren and consistent access to them.

Grandparents' Rights And Mediation

There are multiple alternatives to taking legal action if you are interested in securing custody as a grandparent. Taking your case straight to court is not always the best option. You are often more likely to succeed through mediation. A good mediator can negotiate with parents and grandparents to reach a favorable settlement.

As an experienced family lawyer and board-certified family law specialist, attorney McMillan will advocate for your rights by helping you understand your options given your situation. If necessary, she is ready and willing to take a case to court, perhaps to file for temporary custody, to protect your family's interests. Call or send an email inquiry today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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