When A Business Owner Faces Divorce

Contact A Family Law Attorney Experienced In Business Asset Valuation

When a family starts a business, it requires a serious investment and commitment. If you are going through a divorce, you want to protect your own interests in the business and make sure you come up with a plan that works for all parties affected.

Texas divorce attorney Jane-Ashley McMillan understands what is at stake when you share a business with your spouse or own a business individually or with partners. With more than 30 years of experience in family law, she can help you understand what to do to move forward, either dividing the business or making sure it is properly considered when formulating your entire plan for division of assets.

A Dedicated And Knowledgeable Lawyer Can Advise You On The Division Of Business Assets In Your Texas Divorce

If you were the main force behind your business, you want a lawyer who understands how much it means to you. And if your spouse's private business is in question, you want an attorney who will work to ensure you receive your fair share.

When there is a dispute over a business in divorce, it is typically resolved in a buyout. There is much intricate work involved to make sure the non-owner gets fair value for his or her interests. Jane-Ashley McMillan will look into all contributing factors, including how and when the business was formed. Taking a look at all security agreements, stock agreements and other contracts, she will make sure to properly analyze every aspect, with the goal of ensuring a fair application of the law to divide out each spouse's share.

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Your family business is one of the most important assets to consider in your divorce. That is why you want an experienced family law attorney to help you consider your options and protect your rights. Send an email to the law offices of Jane-Ashley McMillan in Plano to learn more.