Trustworthy Counsel And Representation In A Military Divorce

While every family going through a divorce faces unique concerns, a military divorce presents an entirely different set of considerations. Both the legal parameters and the rules governing the division of assets are different. A military divorce requires particular experience and should be handled by a lawyer experienced in this area.

As a dedicated family law attorney serving communities such as Plano, McKinney and Frisco, Jane-Ashley McMillan is dedicated to all Texas families. Whatever unique concerns you and your family may face, she will make sure you have access to the information and tools you need to reach solutions tailored to your needs.

Helping Military Families Across Texas

Because a military divorce is unlike a civilian divorce, a lawyer must understand more than just his or her client's personal situation. Your attorney must understand how your case will be handled differently from a civilian divorce. Those differences can impact your family significantly. Failure to recognize these differences could result in missing important deadlines and the mismanagement of multiple aspects of your divorce, including:

  • Survivorship
  • Military retirement benefits
  • Governing jurisdiction
  • Unknown and hidden assets
  • Child custody and relocation

Contact A Texas Board-Certified Family Law Attorney

As a board-certified family law specialist, attorney Jane-Ashley McMillan understands the challenges facing all Texas families, including members of the armed forces. By listening to your concerns and giving you honest answers about your options, she is ready to help you through the divorce process, so you can find effective solutions. Contact her law offices in Plano today to learn more.

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