When Paternity Has Not Been Legally Determined

Paternity actions are important for children born outside of marriage. Texas family law courts generally believe that children have a right to know who their parents are. At the same time, the court seeks to protect children who have known one person as their dad for years. These children could very likely be traumatized by a paternity suit. If this situation describes your family, talk to a paternity attorney for advice on how to proceed.

The recognition of paternity is an important issue to resolve in regard to child custody, child support and child visitation rights. Paternity may come into question for parents who have children out of wedlock, or who are separated at the time of birth.

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Laws regarding paternity have been changing in recent years. It is important to have a lawyer who is up-to-date on new developments. Ms. McMillan, a Board Certified Family Law Specialist, is committed to keeping her legal skills and knowledge current.

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