Legal Obstacles Unique To Same-Sex Couples

Texas officially began allowing same-sex marriage after the landmark Supreme Court decision in 2015, but same-sex couples continue to still face legal obstacles. If you are seeking skilled assistance with any same-sex family law issue in Plano and the surrounding areas, turn to Jane-Ashley McMillan, Attorney at Law.

As a board-certified family law specialist, and member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas, Jane-Ashley McMillan keeps up to date on current trends in family law and those specifically related to same-sex matters. She focuses on creating real solutions that fit your family's needs, which can be very unique from a heterosexual adoption, divorce, termination, etc.

A Thoughtful Approach

Despite granting the right legally marry, Texas legislation offers little guidance on other legal matters faced by same-sex couples. Gay and lesbian couples can now be subject to Texas laws related to divorce, custody and property division, but these laws do not always address the unique circumstances present in same-sex relationships. As case law develops and outdated statutes are replaced, the way courts handle complicated issues relating to child custody and asset division may change. Jane-Ashley McMillan understands that the addition of this new arena in the field of family law requires close observation of judge's views, trends of the application of nuances of settlement. In handling many of these case, that heterosexual and same sex family matters should be treated with particular car because they can be, and often are uniquely different.

Although limited case law exists, Jane-Ashley McMillan uses a thoughtful approach to help same-sex couples navigate family law issues, including:

It is important to note that the current law does not yet apply parenting presumptions to same-sex couples, meaning the legal parent can have an advantage in child custody and support matters.

Get Supportive Guidance

Jane-Ashley McMillan is committed to designing workable solutions that meet your needs. To put her knowledge and experience to work for you, send an inquiry by email or call the firm's Plano office at 972-422-2424 to arrange a consultation with our lawyer.