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Is it time to call it quits with your spouse?

| Jul 10, 2020 | Uncategorized |

A whirlwind romance may sound charming and romantic, but not many would recommend that such couples jump into marriage. Almost certainly, they will deal with complex and potentially long-term problems. The same may be true when a marriage is in trouble. For many, divorce is the answer at the first sign of trouble even though many marital conflicts have resolutions that can even strengthen a marriage.

However, how can you know whether your marriage is over and the time is right to file for divorce? While there is no universal answer, in general, a marriage is that unhealthy for you or your spouse probably needs some help. If you and your spouse have unsuccessfully tried numerous methods of resolving your conflicts or rekindling your commitment, you may already know the answer to the question.

Common reasons for divorce

Every marriage is different, and much depends on the level of effort each partner is willing to put into overcoming the problems between you. You may experience moments that convince you to divorce your spouse and other times when you consider making another try. However, various studies show that the following are some common indicators that a marriage is probably over:

  • One of you is cheating, or the thought of being with someone else is one you entertain frequently.
  • You and your partner no longer talk to each other about your lives and do not really care about what is going on with each other.
  • There is constant tension in the house when you are both home.
  • You have not shared physical or emotional intimacy in months or longer.
  • You feel like you have lost who you are, your personality has changed or you have given up on your dreams because of your marriage.
  • You do not want to be married and, in fact, daydream about a time when you will be single again.

Partners who are certain they are heading for divorce would be wise to avoid rushing and making critical mistakes. Divorce is not a process you should start without careful, thoughtful planning for your future. This may begin with a thorough evaluation of your assets and an honest appraisal of your goals. Before you sign or submit any legal documents, you would be wise to obtain high quality legal assistance from an attorney who has experience with the unique challenges of a variety of divorce situations.